Reed Fry

On April 13, 2019 after what was a normal day for our family Reed ended up in the emergency room with what we thought might be a concussion or migraine headache. Ct scan showed he had a large tumor on the back of his brain. He was admitted into the PICU at OSF in Peoria and within a few days had his first brain surgery. When he woke up from surgery he was unable to walk, talk, use his right side and was unable to see for a few weeks. We found out that the tumor was a type of brain cancer called Medulloblastoma. We also found out the cancer had spread into another spot on his brain. They were unable to surgical remove this spot because of where it was located on his brain.  Over the next few weeks he remained in the PICU and had 3 more brain surgeries. On May 7, 2019 he was transported by ambulance to St. Jude in Memphis. There he began treatment which consisted of 30 rounds of proton radiation and 7 cycles of chemotherapy. He did all of this with a positive attitude while being separated from his family. He and I lived in Memphis while my husband stayed in Mackinaw with our other children. While going through treatment he also received Physical therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech. He attended each of these therapies three times a week. He spent a good part of that year in a wheelchair, walker and arm crutches until he was finally strong enough to walk again. He had to re-learn how to do it again. .He ended treatment on March 20, 2020 and got to come back home to Mackinaw Illinois.He still has balance issues while walking and continues to get weekly therapy.  During his routine visit to St. Jude for scans on March 31, 2022 it was found that Reed has two new spots on his brain. He has had to start treatment again. He is able to stay home this time and get chemotherapy every 15 days at the St. Jude Affiliate in Peoria Illinois. He and I will return to Memphis June 13th for scans. Doctors want to make sure the chemotherapy is doing its job.

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