Eloise Smith

Ellie was diagnosed with T cell lymphoma on February 28th 2022 she started getting sick around November 2021 we noticed that she was having a lot of fevers and she had some swollen lymph nodes behind her ears, we were dismissed by the ER as an ear infection but her pediatrician did blood work and she actually had mono. So she got over that but in the end of December we noticed the fevers were back and she had more swollen lymph nodes so we took her back to her pediatrician and she had Covid. After Covid we noticed more lymph nodes and the fevers were back so we go back to the pediatrician and they did more blood work and chest x rays and they found swollen lymph nodes in her chest and she was admitted to the local childrens hospital that day on 01/27/2022. It took the hospital a month to find it was lymphoma because hers did not present the way it usually does. Her bone marrow biopsy was clean, her lymph node biopsy came back negative multiple times even tho the pathologists were sure it looked like lymphoma so they ran DNA testing on it and it came back positive on 02/28/22 and they started treatment that day. We’ve definitely had a couple bumps in the road but she is feeling so much better and is back to acting like her old self and we are halfway through treatment! Very excited to get to maintenance in hopefully November!

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