Mason Hardwick

Mason was a typical 5 year old boy. He had just started his 2nd year of Pre-K (because of the way his birthday fell on the school calendar). He loved school so much. He loved learning and making new friends. He especially loved riding the school bus. The school year was going great until about the until of October. I had noticed Mason wasn’t as active and he usually was, he was very sleepy all the time and he was staying sick constantly. He wouldn’t eat and I also noticed unusual bruising and blood spots randomly on his body.

After countless trips to the pediatrician, a diagnosis of asthma which obviously did not make him feel or get any better, and a demand for a full blood panel, Mason was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic B-Cell Leukemia in January 2020.

I will never forget the gut-wrenching fear and heartache i felt when the Drs came in and told me my son had cancer. Fear, worry and panic would consume our lives for the next 6 months as Mason went through some very intense treatment. I cried every single day of those hard, 1st 6 months. Mason also went through a very scary 30 day ICU where he was diagnosed with another cancer calls HLH. His body was shutting down, organ by organ while he was also intubated to help him breathe. Thankfully they found a treatment that worked and very slowly Mason got better. Being bed bound, he had to have intense PT and he is now walking again!

Mason has been in treatment for 2 years. We are so proud and lucky to say we are nearing the end of his treatment! His last clinical dose of chemo will be in May 2022.

Mason is now back in school, the 1st grade!! He is doing so good! He is learning and making new friends again. We are so, so thankful that Mason is still here with us. Without so many amazing nurses and Drs at St Jude Midwest Affiliate in Peoria, IL..Mason would not be where he is today

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