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Cancer forms when our immune systems aren’t functioning properly. Chemo kills the “bad” cells but is also toxic to unaffected cells, which is why fighting cancer requires special nutrition to help reinforce our natural healing abilities. The P4 Foundation is passionate about educating families on how to take their bodies back from cancer by using proper nutrition to rebuild immunity!


Our certified staff offers tips for:

• Understanding how bodies use food as fuel

• Learning which foods make bodies work harder — and which foods work hard for our bodies

• Budgeting for and planning immunity-boosting meals

• Improving exercise and sleep habits

• Managing stress, environmental toxins and other immunity deactivators

There are approximately


adult survivors of childhood cancer in the United States.

An estimated


new cases will be diagnosed among children in the U.S in 2018.

There are


major types and over 100 subtypes of pediatric cancers.

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