Jaxon Earley

Jaxon is the most amazing 7 year old who was living his best life, healthy as ever 2 weeks before his diagnosis, at Walt Disney World. After returning home from our trip he kept having unexplained low grade fevers and lethargy that we just thought was a possible influenza virus and partially from our trip to Disney. After it going on a few days we visited his pediatrician on Friday Dec 9, 2022 who also said that he believed it to be an influenza virus. Sunday he woke up with black eyes out of no where and then on Monday Dec 12, 2022 his whole little body was covered with small bruises. We rushed him to his Dr as soon as they opened and we were sent for blood work and before we made it home he called and told us to get him back to the hospital he was very sick. He was confirmed to have Bcell Lymphoblastic Leukemia that evening. He has been receiving treatment since and has been doing great but we still have a long road ahead of us. We would appreciate all prayers for our sweet boy. He is our Hero!!!

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