Noah Frey

Noah was diagnosed with B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on January 31, 2023. Earlier in January he was treated for what we believed was an ear infection at the time. During the next few weeks he started to become very pale, weak and fatigued and was having recurring fevers and not acting like himself at all. I became more concerned and got him in to see his doctor who was also concerned and sent us to the ED for blood work right away. Myself and Noah’s doctors believed he may be anemic but after his blood work & bone marrow test came back we received the most heartbreaking news, our perfect little boy had Leukemia. He spent 13 days in Hershey’s Children’s hospital receiving multiple blood transfusions, having his port placed and beginning his chemo treatments. He is now back home and goes into the clinic frequently for treatments. Noah is getting ready to start the Interm maintenance 1 cycle of his treatment. He will finish his treatments in April of 2025. Noah is our strong willed, quirky, energetic, full of life, lightening McQueen loving 2 year old and the sweetest big brother to his baby sister Noelle. He has been so strong and brave through everything he’s had to go through so far and we know he will come out of this journey stronger than ever. We know that God has a wonderful plan for Noah’s life and he is going to do amazing things!

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