Wyatt Vandeford

Wyatt was your typical spunky, sassy Dennis the Menace boy. Who would’ve known, just the weekend before Wyatt was running around playing at his older brothers birthday. Our Super Wy was diagnosed on 12/4/2014 with T-Cell Acute Lymphoid Leukemia. What a day that was, I had taken our youngest son Emerson to a follow up appointment for Pneumonia. I took Wyatt along because he had developed these spots earlier in the week. Emerson checked out okay but our pediatrician said “lets do some blood work” what seemed like hours went by – the doctor finally came back and explained that the blood work indicated Wyatt had Leukemia. I have no idea what was said in the next few minutes….. We discussed that I needed to take Wyatt straight to Children’s and could I make arrangements for Emerson. Thank goodness for moms & grannies! Wyatt was admitted that day and went into surgery. His oxygen levels and breathing were so bad after that, he had to stay sedated for 6 days. Those was the worst days of our lives. We started the Induction phase during those 6 days, what a whirlwind of emotions. We would spend 8.5 days initially, 6 in the PICU and 2.5 down in the AFLAC unit at ScottishRite. We are so blessed Wyatt has responded as well as he has to treatment. He completed the Induction phase weighing close to 40 pounds; who knew Beefaroni’s would be the breakfast of choice. The Interim Maintenance phase was full of giant steps forward and set backs. Wyatt had an unscheduled hospital stay in between the 2 phases, his port access was hard at this admission and was a bother the entire stay. This has been an issue ever since. During the Interim Maintenance phase Wyatt has learned to swallow pills and have his nurses wrapped around his finger. The 72 hour hospital admissions went very well – with much help from our family, friends and wonderful nurses. We’ve just started the Delayed Intensification – high does steroids is proving to be an emotional monster!

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