Peyton Greene

Peyton was born on April 20, 2011. On March 20th, 2014 we took her to the doctor for a bruised and swollen ankle. The x-rays showed nothing broken or fractured but they put a cast on to help heal what they thought was a “bruised bone”. On March 25th she woke up looking pale yellow, was running another fever, still not walking at all with her cast, lethargic, and not eating like her normal self, so we took her in to see her pediatrician. We did the normal routine check up and then we asked the doctor if she could run some blood work because we knew something was wrong with our baby girl. Then our world came crumbling down around us. Our pediatrician told us that she thought it was Leukemia. We now have a new “normal” and have additional things we have to do to try and help keep a healthy and germ free environment. She is on and will be on antibiotics twice a day for two days a week for several years to come. We don’t go to restaurants but have to order take out instead. We can’t play in rivers, lakes, creeks or ponds. We live “in a bubble” without taking away too much fun for her. We have to come up with new kinds of fun…at home. Our love is strong and our faith is stronger. We believe that our God is bigger than this disease. there is no doubt that our sweet Peyton is a fighter, and will fight this battle gracefully. With your help and prayers, she will beat this monster.

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