Nakiyah Carter

Nakiyah was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia December 2nd. Ok a little back story that lead up to all of this. Around the first week of November Nakiyah started feeling bad. She had pain in her lower back all the away around to her rib area. She missed a few days of school me thinking nothing serious could be wrong. She was doing basketball tryouts so I actually thought that’s why she was hurting. So a few days passed and she’s still hurting so now it’s time for a trip to the ER. Went to Willis Knight they didn’t do much but check for Covid sent us about our way. Few days later going into Thanksgiving she was feeling better I’m think ok my baby back she’s fine. That Sunday before it was time to go back to school same pains so now I’m concerned. My sister was like take her to Desoto Regional and request for them to draw blood. November 31st a day I’ll never forget I took my baby in and requested for blood to be drawn. They did just that Kathrine came out she really didn’t want to give me the news. Nakiyah wbc we’re extremely high she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. This lady refused to believe Nakiyah had Leukemia. She said take  her to LSU maybe something’s wrong with our machine. She didn’t want it to be what she saw and almost to tears. Nakiyah’s not in the room at this time so she doesn’t know anything. I told Na’kiyah we had to go to LSU to the ER to just double check her wbc. We get there give them the paper from Desoto Regional and we head to the back immediately. A bunch of questioned asked ran more blood work and these folks wasn’t kid friendly( meaning they just talked straight forward in front of her) So at this point Nakiyah knows somethings not right at all. She got to looking up things on her phone next thing I know my baby is in tears. She says to me moma I don’t want cancer and me barely holding myself together inside. At this time she never saw me cry I’m still believing it’s not that. So we get admitted that second day the doctor came in..she said if you want to call someone to come be with you you can. I knew then it wasn’t good news because only one person was allowed in with patient. They took Nakiyah off I’m waiting for my mom to get there bout to lose my get there and the news was my child has cancer. No mom ever wants to received that news I’m confused hurt all at the same time. Like how am I suppose to tell my baby she has cancer and we have to leave the next morning for St. Jude. She cried I’m happy my mom was there at the time because I was mute. I didn’t know what to say or how to tell Na’kiyah this. That’s how this journey start for us.

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