Karson Hughes

Karson was a rambunctious, happy go lucky child enjoying his summer after his 9th birthday. Video games with his brother. Lake time with family and football multiple times a week. Gearing up to start his 4th grade school year, Karson started exhibiting symptoms easily linked to other non-emergency concerns. Small acid reflux type episodes in the morning. Little wobbly on his feet when he first woke up. Noise sensitivity. However Karson was never one to slow down. When he seemed to be tired most of the day and his appetite significantly decreased, there were concerns that mixed with the Arkansas heat and sports practice, Karson was exhibiting signs of dehydration. After a weekend of football, we visited with our local physician and then went to our local Children’s Hospital for an additional workup. On Monday, August 23, 2021, one CT scan changed our world. A large mass was located just above his spinal cord. An official diagnosis would lead us to learn Karson has Type 3 Medulloblastoma. He received his first brain surgery just two days after being carried into that ER waiting room followed by his second one week later. Our family contacted St. Jude Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee where he’s currently receiving care. Starting in September, Karson completed 6 weeks of Monday – Friday proton radiation to his whole brain and spine. After a small break, he is back working to complete his seven rounds of anticipated chemotherapy treatments. Karson works weekly in multiple occupational and physical therapy visits to regain the loss of fine motor skills and correct a left sided deficit caused by the surgeries. Karson battled for months not only physical PFS but mental as well. He had to relearn how to cope with emotions and impulse control. He continues to impress family, friends, and hospital staff with his consistent improvements during this earth shaking time in his life. We know with the power of Christ, nothing is impossible and pray daily for God to walk beside Karson during his journey.

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