Landon Beckham

Landon started his journey back in April of 2015. He had begun to complain about his lower back hurting him one day after I picked him up from daycare. He was always an active child so I figured he had bumped into something or fell playing with the other kids. I treated it like I would any minor injury and after about a week he started to walk a little different. I called it the “old man” walk as it was slower and he was somewhat hunched with his hand on his lower back as he walked. I took him to see his primary care doctor and after seeing what I was talking about she sent us to the hospital for an X-ray. We went straight there thinking the X-ray wouldn’t show anything but were instead informed that he had an abdominal tumor the size of an orange. We were immediately transported to Nicholas Children’s Hospital in Miami and after several tests were told it was cancer. He underwent surgery to remove the tumor and it was confirmed that he had Stage IV Neuroblastoma. He underwent various treatments, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation, and stem cell transplant. In February of 2018 we got the amazing news that he was in remission. We were blessed to be able to enjoy him just “being a kid” until September of 2020. He suddenly started complaining of leg pain even after periods of inactivity and we went straight to the ER to have tests run. We received the news that we were praying not to hear again and that was that the cancer had returned. So this time around Landon has done chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and radiation. Scans show that there still hasn’t been any decrease in disease since beginning treatment in September.

Landon has always been a caring and outgoing child. Before relapse he was heavily involved in sports (basketball, football and baseball) so having to stop those has taken a huge toll on his spirit. Hip hop dancing was something he was also beginning to love before relapse. He also enjoys playing video games and being big brother to his soon to be three year old sister, Laila. He is an amazing strong and resilient kid and truly has a kind soul.

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