Hudson Carpenter

On March 4th of 2020, Hudson “Huddy” was diagnosed with T-Cell lymphoblastic leukemia. Huddy was never a child to get sick out of nowhere but for a few months he was in and out of urgent care and doctors offices. He was diagnosed as being asthmatic and prescribed breathing treatment and antibiotics. Instead of improving, he was progressively more lethargic and not eating. In February mom, Sarah, was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia so everyone assumed that is what Hudson had as well. But within a month he did not get any better, his abdomen was swollen and a large lump popped up in front of his ear. He was taken to his pediatrician where they sent us to CHOA-Scottish Rite. Deep down we had a gut feeling what the outcome was going to be but never in a million years imagined what his lungs looked like. The CT scan showed a large mediastinal(chest) mass with lymph node involvement, massive fluid in his lungs and failure of his kidneys. The diagnose at the time was not definite but doctors knew we were looking at ALL. We were quickly admitted to the Aflac center at CHOA, where we would spend the next 5 weeks. We spend 4 days in PICU, which were eventful and miserable for a then 3 year old. Within 2 weeks Hudson’s health and strength proved to all how resilient he is. The CT scans of his kidneys had completely cleared and the mass and fluid on his lungs were diminishing at an unbelievable rate. The prayers were being answered!! We came home April 3rd, one day after Hudson’s 4th birthday, what a great present! This cancer will not hold Hudson down. Hudson is now going into the second phase of his treatment, intermaintenance. We have had some up and downs especially being diagnosed a couple weeks before COVID-19 hit the hospitals and quarantine happened. However even with the downs, we know God is in control, He is our salvation, mighty tower. He continues to keep his spirits high and loving life! He loves everything firetrucks so he is our true fireFIGHTER.

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