Finley Maguire

At just 19 months old Finley was diagnosed with metastatic medulloblastoma , a cancerous brain tumor in the cerebellar area of her brain. On Christmas Eve she appeared to be walking unsteady, off balance, and holding onto the walls and furniture. MRI on 12/28/20 revealed a tumor in her 4th ventricle causing hydrocephalus.  She had the tumor removed with a posterior fossa craniotomy on 12/31/20 at our home pediatric hospital in CT. Where she had a complicated recovery, requiring a VP shunt to drain the excess fluid and a G-tube to get her adequate nutrition because of excessive nausea and vomiting . A port was also placed for chemotherapy. The repeat MRI showed the tumor was still there and too large, as well as leptomeningeal spread, and spread to her spinal fluid….
She then traveled to Memphis for a repeat surgery and to seek treatment at St. Jude. The surgery went well but after discharge she developed a fever, which was from a staph infection in her spinal fluid, meaning the shunt and the port had to be removed and IV antibiotics given …

On reinternalization of the shunt and the port Finley had a complication from the shunt called an intraventricular hemorrhage (bleeding in her brain) which resulted in seizures and breathing tube …. another MRI showed massive spread through out her brain and spinal cord and we were made aware that this is indicative of a very poor prognosis ….due to the aggressive nature of this form of medulloblastoma they started some chemotherapy while she was in the ICU … she was successfully extubated after that cycle and eventually discharged to housing in Memphis..

During the next round of chemotherapy she had a shunt failure , and required yet another brain surgery to resolve the issue …. she is now in another cycle of chemotherapy , and the repeat MRI she had before this showed that the chemotherapy was having a positive effect. The goal is to maintain her on this therapy until she is close to 3 years old as this cancer requires radiation therapy to the brain and spinal cord .

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