Eva Kosluk

December 24, 2009
Some of the symptomsthat Eva had that led to up to her diagnosis were that she had a fever.  we took her to the doctor and they gave her antibiotics and it went down a little and she was able to go to school.  She complained a lot about having pain in her legs and I thought it was just growing pains.  we went on a little vacation and she seemed ok.  When we got back she had a fever so high it was 104 and she got sick on the floor which is not like her because she was a puker and always made it to the bathroom.  I took her to the hospital and when Eva mentioned that she has had pain in her legs the doctor asked if they could do blood work.  I was like sure why not and then they pulled me aside and told me that they saw blasts in her blood work.  The blasts are the cancer cells.  They immediately transferred her to Arnold Palmer Childrens hospital and we were there for 3 weeks.  She was the next day in surgery getting her port and starting chemo.  This all happened when Eva was 7 years old.  She went through 2 years of treatment and was considered high risk because she was diagnosed with Philadelphia Positive Leukemia.  In October, around Halloween she took her last dose of chemo meds and had her port taken out in November 2019.  The first year she had to go to the hospital once a month to make sure she hasn’t relapsed.  We are now in the second year after treatment and she still has to go but now it is every other month.  We are so thankful that she is still doing better.  She has grown so much and after 5 years she will most likely not have to worry about getting it again but they did say she will never really be considered cancer free which kind of scares me.  Eva is the strongest person I have ever met even though she doesn’t realize it.  She is very creative and loves art, tick tock and you tube.

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