Audrey “Remi” Hegwood

December 31, 2016

Hi my name is Audrey Hegwood, but everyone calls me Remi.  I was first diagnosed on October 6, 2018.  My mom took me to the ER after not feeling well for a few days and my pediatrician did nothing. I had bruises and was very weak and tired. Got blood work to be informed that we would be transferred to Egleston right away. After several hrs of travel, tests and waiting my mom got the news that I have Acute lymphoblastic leukemia. (ALL B cell). Something no parent should have to hear that their child has. Next steps were to get on a chemo plan and be on our way home in the next few days…but that was not the case for me. After a few days I began to get an infection in my bottom, after 3 days on the strongest antibiotics the drs decided to preform me for Ostomy surgery, to help heal from the surgery I was given donor white blood cells which helped but also caused my body to attack itself and then begin to shut down. Within 2 days I went from oxygen, to ventilator, then to an oscillator. Oct 31 2018 I was put on oscillator and eventually dialysis due to multiple organ failure. They called me the miracle baby because they didn’t think I would make it thru the day. After a long 2 wks of being in a coma and on these machines I came off and within 3 days  of assistance of PT and OT I was walking, talking, and doing great.I came home Nov 21 the day before thanksgiving and got to spend the holidays at home with my family, I had not been home since I left on October 6. I continued to take treatment and come February 15 I had ostomy reversal surgery because my infection had finally healed enough to not need it. Over the course of my treatment there has been several more complications, infections which caused hospitalization as well as several severe allergic reactions to the life saving medicine that I need. In some cases there was other meds and in other cases I had to continue to receive the meds just in a longer time frame to slow the rate. I am currently in remission and plan to take my last chemo pill Feb 27 2021. From there I will continue to have regular checkups but hope to soon return to a traditional childhood where I can go to school and play with my friends. #Remistrong



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