Claire Ferron

On January 12,2021, our beautiful, 16 y.o. daughter (the baby of 4 kids) was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She has a tumor in her chest approximately the size of a salad plate that’s dangerously close to her windpipe. As a healthy, athletic young woman we couldn’t believe that she has cancer. The only clue was when a lymph node popped out on her neck in early December of 2020. Through a biopsy and a series of scans doctors discovered the lymphoma. No parent ever wants to hear that their child has cancer especially at such a young age.

She started her very heavy doses of chemotherapy on 2/15 and her oncologist plans for her to have 5 cycles and possibly radiation after that. We are also working with Integrative Doctors to support her immune system during the harsh chemo drugs. This will be a long road of healing, but we believe we have assembled a great team to help Claire get well.

Family and friends are also a vital part of her team that provide support, prayers, meals, dog walks and love. She couldn’t get well without them. Our family relies heavily on our faith and we draw immense strength from it as a component to weather this family crisis. It gives us hope in the future and peace in the here and now.




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