William ‘Geo’ Perez

June 24, 2004

Geo is 14 years old and was diagnosed with ALL-Leukemia back in November 12, 2018. Geo was a very athletic kid his passion for soccer is something that he will never change. His favorite team is Barcelona. Geo is the oldest of 3 kids. He was excited for his first year of highschool and attended engeniring class.His school year was cut short after Geo who barely gets sick got sick. One day after he came home from school not feeling well stayed home for a couple of days thinking it was a stomach bug or a virus. He was taken to  the hospital after several test taken from an urgent care came back abnormal. He was admitted as soon as we got to the hospital. After few days of him being admitted we were confirmed by a bone marrow test that he had Leukemia. Since then Geo was under dialysis for his kidney and a whole bunch of other testing. He became worse as the days go by since all his immune system and white count were very low. Then Geo began chemo treatments and getting in and out of the hospital. Since that date he continue his battles and stays strong at all times. At this time we are still treating with chemo and other medications and have few more years to go. This has been a hard process but he still standing up high and doing the best he can. We thank you for help and prayers .

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