Saylor Winebrenner

Saylor was diagnosed 10/23/2017 with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia high risk pre B cell. Saylor is the youngest of our 6 children. And to say when she got diagnosed it threw our family into a loop, is an understatement. Saylor has not only gone through chemo, still going through, she has also been diagnosed with chronic bronchitis because her immune system is just shot, we see a pediatric pulmonologist for her also. We had a scare that it was back 6 months into her treatment, so fortunate that it wasn’t. She also has had ecoli twice in her port line resulting in her 1st port removal and then a new port placement, after she healed. She recently in her 5th cycle of maintanance had parainfluenza, rhinovirus, 2 ear infections, bronchitis and neutropenic, her little system just can’t fight anything while she is ultimately trying to keep this cancer at bay from coming back. She is now in her 6th cycle of maintanance and we drive monthly to dr appts, chemo appts or lumbar puncture procedures. She has 4 other siblings, ages 6,9,11 and 14, at home who have struggled ever since their sisters diagnoses, in school, as they worry about their sisters future. So unfair to everyone in the home as we all process in a different way, when a child/sibling is diagnosed. January 2020 is suppose to be her end of chemo date. I pray that this is true but being thrown into this cancer world, I know we can’t let our guard down now.


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