Rocco Corsini

Rocco was originally diagnosed with a Wilms tumor on his kidney. After beginning Wilms therapy and a partial nephrectomy they discovered that he was misdiagnosed and actually had Burkitts lymphoma. This was the first case in recorded history primary rental Burkitt’s Lymphoma. This was a mystery to the family and doctors, but not the One who created him. Over the course of 12 weeks of intense chemotherapy, all evidence of cancer has been eliminated. Rocco has had 5 follow up scans since completing his treatment which have all been clear. Rocco has since gone back to school and played in his Spring soccer league at his church. To look at him now you would never suspect what an intense battle he fought against Burkitt’s just a few short months ago, but they learned a lot from the strength and resiliency of this four-year-old boy.

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