Rayna Stephens

“Rayna started her journey on December 29, 2021. After months of doctors appointments because of a massive lump that started growing at the end of July. She endure so many doctors appointments, but the doctors weren’t convinced it was cancerous until it was removed on November 17. The following Monday, her surgeon called to confirm our worse fears. It wasn’t until December 21, 2021 that she had her official diagnosis of Bcell ALL. Her treatment plan consists of one and a half years of chemo. Since starting her journey, Rayna was hospitalized every month. Her body kept rejecting her port and PICC lines. However, we managed to keep some form in until the end of August. Rayna is currently in long term Maintenance. She gets IVs every three months when she is due for her LPs and IV chemo. She takes oral chemo every day at home. She truly lives up to her name Rayna Hope. She is our little Ray of Hope❤️

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