Matthew McMahon

Matthew has been diagnosed with osteosarcoma.  He started complaining back in mid-December 2013 that his knee was hurting. He had been playing basketball. So we were just icing his knee, but the pain never went away. Chris then brought him to a physical therapist through Matthew’s soccer club. He suggested an x-ray. We went to see an Orthopedic doctor and they discovered something on the back of his knee cap. We were sent to have an MRI right away. The next morning we received the call that it was a tumor. We were referred to Emory Orthopedics to see Dr. Reimer, who specializes in children’s bone tumors. He went in for a biopsy on February 11, 2014. After surgery, Dr. Reimer came back to Chris and I to tell us that the tumor was malignant. Our hearts were broken. So many questions but no real answers. After several tests, the tumor is localized in the femur.  Praise God! He will start chemotherapy next week at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egelston. After the first round, we will transfer him for treatments to Scottish Rite. No matter where we go, he will have the same treatment. This hospital is more convenient to us and family. Once he is done with the treatments, around 12 weeks, he will have surgery to remove the tumor. Then he will follow up with 16 more weeks of chemotherapy.

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