Maddison “Faith” Brown

This is maddies story. Okay y’all this is maddies page for her leukemia journey. We took Maddison into choa Sunday night to have her leg looked at thinking she may have fractured it. She would not walk yesterday but a few times. Her engery level went from high to low real quick. She started running a fever no appetite or drank anything all day. We decided to take her in to be seen. Kayla Samples went with me and we headed to choa. They did 6 xrays on her thighs and pelvis together. We got back to er room and they had brought us her dvd of xrays. They drew blood before we went to xrays and did culture on blood work as well. They came back and did chest X-ray next they did two. We got back to the er room and the nurse came in with antibiotic I was like why does she need antibiotics. She went and got the doctor and she came in with chaplain and child life coach that’s when my heart sank. She told us the news of my baby girl having leukemia. I cried and cried and cried why me why us…. Cody and family haven’t taken it very well either. The worst day ever 6/16/19 (Father’s Day, birthdays in family,). Sunday afternoon the doctors came in and went over what they thought was the type and the plan that would follow with it. Monday (today) they have came in and diagnosed her with B-ALL leukemia very common in children cancer. Tomorrow (Tuesday6/18) is the big day. She will have her port put in, her spinal tap done (to make sure leukemia isn’t in her spine) and a bone marrow taken. Maddie has been a big trooper she has handled all the pricks and pokes very well for a 3 year old. Please just keep my family and especially our little princess. The spinal tap (LP) came back negative which was amazing news and her bone marrow has came back good as well she has the good genes.

She goes weekly for blood work and her Iv chemo. She has had so far just one blood transfusion and one platelet transfusion those were on 6/17 and 6/18 before her surgery.

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