Justin Freeman

Dec. 2015 our family left Taiwan where we serve as missionaries to the US for a short medical visit. Our then 12 year old son Justin was due to have his donor heart valve changed out for a new one. The procedure was successful and he discharged from the hospital 12/29/15. Justin discharged with a headache and was back 5 days later in severe pain from what turned out to be a tumor blocking spinal fluid from draining out of his head. He had surgery Jan 6th of this year to remove the tumor. It was a medulloblastoma tumor and quite aggressive as it returned in weeks. We scrambled to find housing and get our older sone transferred to a school nearby, then took Justin to FL for proton radiation treatments. Children’s at Scottish Rite felt it was his only chance as it was regrowing so quickly. The surgery caused damage to Justin’s right hand and foot as well. There are not enough words to tell you how God has blessed our family throughout this time. From our biggest needs of housing, transportation, and schooling to our invisible needs of friends, prayer support, and faith, Father has shown Himself to be all that He’s promised He would be. Our greatest joy has been to see how God’s strengthened Justin’s faith. Although he has struggled with the “Why me?” questions from time to time, especially when he was sick and exhausted, he always came back to the truth the he knew Father loved him and was talking care of him. Sometimes it would be a very specific answer to a specific prayer, but many times it would be an unexpected answer that he knew could only have come from God. He once said that this would be a win win no matter what. Either he would be this cancer or he would see Jesus and both were great outcomes! We heard about hyperbaric and of course Justin took to Bill right toff. After the first treatment Justin could touch his two pointer fingers together for the first time since the surgery without all the tremors. Each session brings on a new level of awareness from his ‘chemo brain fog’ that he’s been stuck in. We are so excited about the possibility of Justin continuing his hyperbaric treatments. Thank you so much for considering helping our family make this happen for him. Blessings, Melinda

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