Jackson Wood

Jackson Wood is a 14yr old diagnosed with B-Cell Lymphoma in March 2016. Went in (March 8th) for what we thought was a sinus infection and was went imminently over to the ENT for a mass in the back of Jackson’s sinuses. ENT went in with camera that afternoon and noticed the large mass. He suggested a CT STAT! The next morning we were at the imaging center in Gainesville for the CT. Call came the following day that Jack needed to be followed up at the AFLAC Cancer Center at CHOA. On March 17th our first appointment was the day we will never forget. Told at the time it was one of 3 types of cancer, 2 very rare types that he was 98% sure Jack had and 1 being lymphoma which was only a 2% of having. More test, biopsy and port all followed the next week and on the 23rd of March at 5:30am we received a call from the Dr with the news that Jack had lymphoma. Our 2% prayers had been answered. Still not easy but nothing like we were facing. Jack was to be admitted on March 23rd to being treatment, spinal and bone marrow test on the 24th were negative. We begin our final treatment tomorrow June 3, 2016. He has had his ups and downs. We cry, we ask why and we pray. God has shown out over these last several months. When I say Jack is a miracle times 2 it’s because he was born at 24 weeks only weighing 1lb 8oz. He wasn’t going to make it and we had prepared for this. God had other plans, just like He has done this time. When Dr’s say he won’t, God says he will!

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