Destiny Daniels

Destiny Daniels is 9 years old (DOB:January 13, 2007). She just completed the 3rd grade as a straight A student! Her hobbies include singing, dancing, goofing off, watching TV, doing arts and crafts, playing with her Shopkins toys, swimming, and playing with her baby brother. Destiny is very smart, kind, and compassionate. She has a very big heart and always asks others if they need her help. Destiny is a very energetic child. One day she started to get really sick and would not eat anything. She began to have headaches, fevers, nausea, vomiting, pain around her neck, and started sleeping a lot more. Her teachers had mentioned that she stopped talking and stopped playing during recess because she felt so weak.

On April 22, 2016, Destiny was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). This type of leukemia causes her bone marrow cells to produce leukemia cells that crowd out the normal blood cells, causing them to no longer function effectively. After doing her bone marrow aspiration and looking at her blood cells, the oncologists found out that she is considered high risk AML. This meant that in addition to standard chemotherapy, she would need a bone marrow transplant to give her her best chance so that the donor cells could produce healthy blood cells for her. As it turns out, she does not have a donor match within her family so we are praying that she will have an unrelated donor match for her bone marrow transplant procedure.

Destiny achieved remission after her first cycle of chemotherapy. She was so excited when her doctors told her that there were no more cancer cells during the beginning of her second cycle of chemotherapy!  She is very determined to keep a smile on her face as she battles cancer. Although her first cycle of chemotherapy presented many side effects and many bumps in the road, she is quite happy now because her second round of chemotherapy has presented very minimal side effects. She knows she will beat cancer!

Our prayer is for her to be completely cured. We pray that she will have a long, abundant, and happy life.

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