Chloe Garrison

Chloe Mae was born August 19,2020. She was a happy and healthy baby. That was until March 30,2021, we got the news no parent wants to hear. “Chloe has cancer”. She was diagnosed with bladder and vaginal cancer at only 7 months old. She has been through so much already. She’s had countless scans, surgeries, infections, hospitalizations, etc. She is the strongest little girl I know. She was in remission but not too long after, we found out the cancer had came back. So she had to have 6 weeks of radiation. It was very rough for her. As parents, the hardest part about the whole thing is not knowing what’s next and not being able to take the pain away. She had 42 weeks of chemo, 6 months of maintenance chemotherapy, and 6 weeks of radiation. Her last day of chemo is August 8,2022. It has been a very long road but with support from family and friends, it made it go by easier and faster. We are so blessed to have such an amazing support system.

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