Brandon Cooper

When our son Brandon was just 4 years old, our family friend told us that he was going to do “Great Things.”  We were shocked when three years later he was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML) a rare form of cancer in children.  It was discovered after an enlarged spleen was detected and white blood counts were well over 400,000. Brandon was transported from Martin South Hospital to St. Mary’s Trauma Center after many tests the trauma surgeon did an emergency splenectomy. Next was the visit from oncology for bone marrow aspiration and biopsy tests. On June 5, 2014 Brandon began chemotherapy in the form of a pill along with a variety of other medications. We spent the next 2 weeks in the the hospital learning our “NEW NORMAL”. We were devastated and terrified by the news but continued to believe the encouraging words that were said about our little boy. We believe this is just a detour in our family story.  After losing our 11 year old daughter Brianna in a tragic car accident in 2010 we honestly thought that was the hardest news to heal from. Although we will never really heal from losing Brianna.  Learning 4 years later your 7yr old child has cancer has got to be the hardest words for any parents to hear. Our kids become our heroes, their strength is something we can’t put into words. Brandon has taught us so much on this journey. Being familiar with chronic illness i feel his struggles and worries. I Praise God for my children and I would love to hear that a cure is found but until then we will fight to kick cancers butt!!!!

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