Bella Resweber

“Bella and I moved to Texas after living in New York all her life to be closer to my family. Little did we know that God was guiding us to where we needed to be to fight this fight. About a month after moving to Texas we had learned that Bella had brain Cancer. St  Jude accepted her for treatment so we flew up there end of october to start her journey to becoming cancer free. Bella had a rough time with chemo her little body just couldn’t handle it that well. In July of 2022 we were home visiting for the weekend and out of nowhere Bella became unresponsive and her heart stopped. They life flighted us to the closes children’s hospital, Texas children’s where we found out she had sepsis and was in septic shock. Her heart had stopped a total of 7 times she was in complete organ failure and there was little hope that she would pull through this. Still to this day noone can believe that Bella survived what she went through. Now unfortunately it came at a cost as Bella has a lot of problems we are dealing with but she is still fighting and refuses to give up. As for her Cancer.. Bella is considered cancer free but we weren’t able to finish her treatments and so Bella is monitored really closely since she has a higher chance of her cancer returning.”

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