Avery Moy

“Avery was diagnosed at 3 with stage 4 Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer. At diagnosis she had over 150 tumors. Drs had no idea where the cancer originated from wrapped around her many organs. Surgery was not an option. She was admitted and began treatment Christmas Day 2019. For weeks prior to diagnois  I took her to Dr’s and hospitals trying to figure out why her belly kept growing. Her Dr thought constipation and even a CT scan done 2 weeks before showed 3 lbs of stool the cancer was not seen then. Treatment was soo hard on Avery. She was neutropenic after every round and several sepsis infection led to her needing to be hospitalized a lot. She also endured vod and eventually chemo toxicity Today she is still fighting harder than ever. Treatment left her with her organs fused together. Avery is 6 years old and we were told recently her stomach cannot sustain her. She was added to the transplant list after a year of no weight gain. Recently she lost more weight and her last 2 scans a lesion has shown up each time on her liver. We are in a terrifying place and are asking for an army of prayers for healing. After seeking 2nd and 3rd opinions,  I know God is the only one who can heal Avery in His time and in His way.”

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